Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My ‘casual’ spring selection for those who like being fashionista!!!

With kids, you want to wear comfy clothes! That does not mean that you have to look like you’ve put a bag on you….with your hair in your  face. Before being a mom, we are women!!!! I like to feel feminine. It is important for me and for my husband…. I’ve looked around the net to find looks that are both comfy and beautiful…. When I am not sure how to make something look good, I go on Net-a-porter…Not to buy something, just to see how they accessorize their outfits….Always good taste and trendy! During the day I am more causal but I love to dress up whenever I have the chance! 
I have my favorite designer who emphasize on both quality I’m looking for, here they are:

Isabelle Marrant
What is there to say….I love her! She does sexy, comfy, original and feminine clothes….For those who are not familiar with what she does (who are you people????) Go and check her website.

I like a lot what they do...

Zadig et Voltaire
Also very nice and comfy… See for yourself.

My sister-in-law who lives in New York introduced me to this brand… Thank god for Net-a-porter I can have it here….Their pants are just perfect!!!

Well my mom is at the origin of this brand…her moto is to dress women who want to be elegant and comfortable….She imagined it for active women who travel all the time and need sexy AND practical clothes. I help with the design as well. So much fun. Have a look, it is worth it!

It is so nice…whenever I go to Los Angeles, I always go there….Otherwise I go on their web site…good for accessories and others. They have the little things that will do the trick! Here are just a few to give you an idea...They have great clothes as well. I got a cute dress from Halston Heritage and the famous J Brand cargo pants!!! They also have the jewelry collection of Nicole Ritchie, House of Harlow, very nice!

James Perse
I’ve discovered his line last summer. I knew he did t-shirts and things, but I had no idea he made dresses, skirts, sweaters. Most of it is in cotton, so comfy…and so soft…When you put it on, it is like someone is giving you a hug! With the right ballerinas and jacket and, hop, it does the trick….

(James Perse pants)

I hope you find your happiness,

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