Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Back to food!!!

Thank goodness, I can eat normal food again. I felt great after my cleanse but bored with the diet!!! So I checked around in magazines and online about the new food trends for 2013. We are going super healthy (I think because many people still have their new year goals in mind) and green!!! 
Wild salmon is a winner everywhere. Good news because it so yummy and you can eat it so many ways, hot, cold, cooked, raw, in sauce, with pasta, etc...
Grains are also important. The list is almost endless: quinoa, bulgur, freekeh, millet, barley,....
Greens, as in everything that has the color green is supposedly good for you (I am talking naturally green off course, with no artificial color in it!!!!!)
Nuts. The key is to vary and eat all kind of different nuts as they all provide something different that is good for you... A handful a day should be sufficient, it also prevents you from snacking too much.
And off course fresh fruits are always a winner. Any kind, just not with meals (easier to dig-gest).
As I said this is just information I gathered around from all my readings. I am not a professional, I just like to eat right, do sports and stay healthy!
Anyway, I feel about this, hopefully you will too!!! 

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