Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Care and keeping of you!!!

My friend, Dr Cara Natterson just revisited the American Girl book "the Care and Keeping of You". This book is written for young girls, age 10 and up. It explains everything a 10 years old should know about her body. It will answer any question she could have about what is going on with her body, the puberty changes, or even how to take care of her. It can help engage into interesting conversation with our daughters that we don't always know how to approach. Mine is reading the first book (there are 2 books, one for younger girls and another one for young teenagers) and has been already asking so many questions and discussing various subjects with me. It is part of growing up to learn how to take care of your body and this book is of great help.
Cara just started her book tour this week and it is already a huge success across the country, good for her!!
Just check it out for yourself:

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