Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Few tips for when you're pregnant....

Hello ladies,
For this issue I’d like to talk about babies…..I have a few friends that are either pregnant or trying to….They’ve asked me a few advices about pregnancy and what to do…and where to get nice clothes…


My ‘bible’ when I was pregnant was “What to expect when you’re expecting” …. It is a brilliant book. It has the answers to all the little questions that can cross a woman’s mind when she is going to have a baby.

What to Expect When You're Expecting *
by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel

* In the same serie, there is also « What to expect the first year » and « What to expect the toddler years ». « Eating well when you’re expecting » I’ve found them quite usefull !

I also bought a few baby name books both in French and English, just to have different sources of inspiration.


It is not because we’re pregnant that we should not be trendy and look nice…I found my happiness on the web with « Pea in the pod ». They have great jeans (Citizens of Humanity, Seven, True religion, Joe’s …) They also have great dresses and skirts and so on. For those who want to keep a low budget I’ve also found cool things at H&M and Gap (they have maternity sections)… I’ve got a few leggings and nice shirts and t-shirts with La Redoute, not too expensive and comfy.

Beauty tips

  • The little things that helped me a lot during my pregancies were food supplements and vitamins (to check with your doctor). I had lots of morning sickness and I did not eat much. With my vitamins, I knew that my baby was getting what he needed. 
  • Loads of moisturizing cream on my belly since day 1 (important to avoid or minimize stretch marks). 
  • Yoga ! It helped me so much to stay relaxed and energized.
  • I did not gain much weight when I was pregnant. I tried to eat healthy but I always allowed myself desserts and sweets now and then. You can still eat what you want, provided you eat in moderation only and not gorge yourself in unhealthy foods. Always keep in mind that what you gain, you'll have to loose later!

Living proof that one can be pregnant and gorgeous. I know it is not fair, but she is an amazing role model !

Fairy V

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