Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Basic pharmacy kit when traveling with kids!!!

So many times have I traveled and one of my kids got sick. Off course, it always happens in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere...Sending my husband to try and find an open pharmacy in Provence at 2 a.m. was not a big success!!!! So in order to avoid drama I’ve asked my pediatrician to help me make the ideal travel pharmacy kit for children. Just the basic things you need that will give you the necessary tools to react before consulting with a doctor! 

When you go in the sun:
Make sure they have sunscreen on. (maximum protection) UVA-UVB, with mineral filters.
They should wear light clothes and hat. Nowadays, we can find almost everywhere sun protective clothing. It’s very practical because they can go in the water as well. My kids have a few of those and whenever we go on vacation they always wear them. They don’t mind, it is very comfy and dries quickly. It is not the best looking, but it is so efficient!
Make sure they drink lots of fluid (offer them regularly to drink water)
Try and avoid the warmest hours (11.00-4.00)
Babies should always be in the shade. Sunglasses can be used quite young. Just to be safe, with babies, they should wear a light color t-shirt even in the water.

Always make sure that you travel with medicine against vomiting and diarrhea (it differs in every country so hard to generalize). When they have one or the other or both, make sure they drink a lot, preferably salty things, tea or soup. If they can, eating crackers is also good. Other things good to eat: rice, carrots, toasted bread, apple, banana. Avoid greasy food. In case it gets too strong, always consult with a doctor, because kids can quickly get dehydrated!

Something to have also is both Ibuprofen and Paracetamol, in case of pain and/or fever. Again, if they have a fever, make sure they drink a lot. Make sure they’re not over-covered!!! You can always give them a bath to help the temperature go down. Not too cold, ideally 1 degree below their actual body temp. Check with a doctor if it gets too high.

If possible, arrange a mosquito net around crib (especially if you go in a country with malaria). Make them wear long sleeves in the evening, and use a spray with lemongrass (natural if possible. Always read notice before using with young kids!) In case they get stung, disinfect and use a calming gel.

I also find the following very useful to have in my pharmacy kit:
Cream in case they get sun burned.
Vaccination book.
Antiseptic spray and cream.
Bepanthen baby cream (changing cream)
Nasal saline spray and also regular spray (they always start a cold in the middle of the night….and have trouble breathing through the nose….I always have some with me!)
Arnica cream (in case they fall and have a bruise or bump)
Steri strips.
Eye drops. 

I hope it will be as useful for you as it was for me,

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