Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My life savers in the kitchen!!!

I love to cook, it calms me down. Whenever I imagine a dish, if it doesn't taste exactly how I thought it would I'm always disappointed! I've tried many machines and kitchen appliances. Many were okay and user friendly but nothing compared to the following 2:

This one makes soup taste like 'velouté' without cream or milk. It gives you fine mousse and smoothies. My kids like soup with this machine only! Trying it means buying it, I can assure you there is no way back. The downside is the price....As it is a professional blender it is expensive! I can assure you it is worth saving for it!

I recently found out about it. It is a food processor that also weighs, steams, kneads, grinds, mixes, (slow) cooks, blends,...It does so many things at the same time. This machine saves a tremendous amount of time. You put your raw veggies in it and it comes out as soup...For those who don"t like to spend too long in the kitchen, this is the answer. Same downside as the one above, the price...

Anyway, I hope it helps,

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