Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trick or Treat!!!

Halloween is only a few days away and It's about time to get started! Here are a few ideas and links to look at. They're fun to do.

My kids asked me how Halloween started and I had no idea so I looked it up. For those who are like me, you should check this page. It says it all:

To find great craft ideas, check the following web page:

A very cute project to do with the kids is to build and decorate haunted gingerbread houses. They have great gingerbread houses on Williams-Sonoma:

We are doing cookies and cupcakes as well. (Also on Williams-Sonoma)

Or if you go on, they also have fun gingerbread houses (and others)
I also found this cute page to send e-cards:

Have fun trick or treating,

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