Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Make it easier when traveling with kids!!!!

Our family usually travels long distance at least twice a year!!!!  In fact, as I speak now we are on our way to the Maldives for a week. Yeahhhhh!!!!!!! As for short distance, we move around a lot, so I am not sure!!!! Traveling is not easy and it is tiring for all of us. When I get on the plane with my 3 kids, I get lots of dark looks... People thinking that they're going to be noisy and disruptive....Well, to avoid drama I've come up with the 'almost perfect'  cabin bag for my kids, in order to keep them entertained. If they're kept busy, they're happy, so no whining or crying, thus easier for me!!!! I'll start with my oldest one, Marine (7 years old), then Charlie (5 years old) and then Harry (20 months old).

Marine's bag:
  • Dvd player or i pad, with lots of movies and games on
  • A few books
  • Coloring books and paper
  • Pens and pencils
  • A barbie or 2
  • Teddies
  • Snacks and lollies
  • Traveling games (Travel doodle, by Usborne Activity Cards, Snaps and Brain Quest)
  • Origami set 
Charlie's bag:
  • i pad or dvd player (same as Marine)
  • Cars
  • Small boys toys
  • Dinosaurs
  • Coloring books and pens and pencils
  • Small cars
  • Deck of cards
  • small traveling games ( "Connect four", "Guess who", ...)
  • Teddies
  • Snacks and lollies
Harry's bag:
  • Play dough
  • Little story books
  • Coloring stuff (with washable pens)
  • Change of clothes, nappies and wipes
  • Milk and jar food
  • Snacks and biscuits
  • Dinosaurs
  • Small cars and airplanes
  • Teddies
  • Pacifiers (dummies)

It may look like it is a lot, but it is all quite small. Our deal is that they can take all this as long as it fits in a bag-pack and they have to carry it (well except for Harry!!!!)
I hope it works for you.

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