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It is important in these days to find time to stop and relax....Easier said than done. Between driving the kids to school, groceries, activities,... Even just a few minutes a day is good enough. We have to take care of  both our body and mind. If we feel relaxed, we'll be more patient and happier. Here are a few things that I find helpful to relax. Either some exercises or bath rituals, whatever works as long as you make up the time to take care of yourself! 
  • I do yoga every week. I've met this amazing yoga instructor. she is such a positive and zen person that she helps me a lot.
  • Whenever I have the time I try to have a massage as well. I feel like walking on clouds nice!
  • Aromatherapy is also quite good. Here are 2 remedies that will help you unwind your mind and body and achieve harmony and wellbeing. 1 REMEDY: 30 drops of Melissa essential oil, 30 drops of Citronella essential oil, 20 drops of Cypress essential oil, 20 drops of Lavender essential oil, 20 drops of Pine essential oil, 10 drops of Bassilicum essential oil. Add 30 drops of the blend into 200-300 ml of your shower gel or 3-5 drops of it to your bath sponge. Alternatively, you can vaporize 6-10 drops with an essential oil burner.  2 REMEDY : 80 drops of Marjarom alcohol solution, 60 drops of Lemon alcohol solution, 40 drops of Bassilicum alcohol solution, 40 drops of Lavender alcohol solution, 40 drops of Melissa alcohol solution, 100 ml of Citronella hyrdosol, 50 ml of Orange hyrdosol, 50 ml of Mandarin hydrosol. Add 20 drops of the blend in a glass of water and drink twice a day. *
  • Bath rituals!!!! I always light up a candle, dim down the light and turn on some relaxing music. I put a few drops of Lavender essential oil in the bath. I start with a face peeling ( I love the one from Sisley and also from La Mer ). After I use a warming mask, this feel amazingly good. As you put it on it starts to warm up, unique sensation (warming mask from The Secret of the Himalayan). The finishing touch is a moisturizing cream.  
  • When I go to to bed, if I still feel a bit stressed, I try out a few exercises.  Take long and deep breaths, try and do it with your stomach. Put your hands on your belly to really feel what you're doing. Close your eyes and locate all your body parts that seem tensed, concentrate on those and breathe out the tension. Evacuate the negative thoughts when you exhale. Stretch out your legs and arms, open your chest. To maximize the effect focus on something that makes you happy. Visualize it for a few minutes. 
  • I sometimes vaporize on my pillow the Relaxing Yuan Zhi from Molton Brown, London.
  • A good cup of herbal tea is also helpful. I love camomile or verbena.
I don't do all these at once, it is good to alternate. I hope these tips will help you feel as good as I do,

* Aromatherapy and essential oils can be quite strong, make sure you're not allergic before using it, check with a doctor. Do not use when pregnant!!

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