Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cool online shopping for children!!!


Kids' fashion. Who doesn't like it. I love shopping for my kids as much as I love shopping for me. My daughter is starting to strongly express her sense of fashion and I love doing it with her (still, trying not to make a fashion victim out of her!!! Don't want that) She is very girly and likes to dress up. She has a good idea of style! As for my boys, as long as they can roll on the grass and get muddy, they don't really care...Well, not totally true, my older  boy loves Batman and superman t-shirts....much to my despair. I have to accept that and let them express themselves! Anyway, her is my selection.

  • My personal favorite is C de C by Cordelia de Castellane. Some people could say that I might be a bit biased because one of the owner is a very good friend of mine, but I just love what they do. It is comfortable and cute. It is not too expensive, trendy and romantic....

  • I'm also a big fan on Bonpoint. What is there to say, it's a classic. My mom used to dress me there when I was a kid. Their baby outfits are just perfect!
  • Marie Chantal  is also quite classic and cute. But as long as my kids don't fight me too much on what they wear, I'll go with it.
  • The Little Fashion Gallery is a combination of many different brands. I like their selection, they propose things that you' don't find everywhere.
  • Alex and Alexa is really good as well. They propose a wide range of shoes!! I don't know about you, but it's hard to find cute and comfy shoes for kids, specially for school. Here is a large and good choice.
  • Smallable is also good. It's not just clothes but furniture as well.
  • Bonton is very nice. Same as the previous one, furniture and linen as well.
  • Zef is interesting. A good friend of mine is just crazy about this brand....I'm not very familiar with, but it looks good.

Now we could also cross our fingers and hope that Net-a-Porter will one day create a kids' section....How cool would that be! I hope you'll find cool clothes, I sure did.

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