Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great makeup tips!!!

I love to put make up and look natural...For everyday I think I do a good job...Whenever we go out, it becomes tough!!!! I try to do something different, but it never looks as I would like it to...So I started to investigate on the web to find some help...I came up with a couple of sites and blogs....

Ma Trousse Beauté
The founder will help you to create the perfect makeup set for you. They will give you advices on the right products and brushes. You can either buy articles they offer or ask for help online.

Beauté Addict 
You can chat and exchange advices and tips with other beauty addicts. 

Secrets I.D 
This blog is proposed by a  makeup artist....So, for those who need professional help, this is the one to go to!!!It gives all the detail you need about 'how to have the perfect foundation tone' or 'how to do smoky eyes'... There are so many sections, that whatever you need to find, it surely is on there!

Love to know
This one is so good, it gives the products they like and techniques as well.

MAC Cosmetics
One of my personal favorite, I love their products...Whenever I have a special event, I go to one of their store and they help me do my makeup...It always looks amazing! If you click on the 'artists in action'  then choose the video you like and go to print step by step, it will show you how to get it done!

My first love!!!!! I've been using Chanel makeup forever...When I was modeling in New York, Whenever I had the chance I always went to a department store to buy something. My first purchase was the "Rouge Noir" nail polish...I still wear it! I love their latest ad campaign for their lipstick with Vanessa Paradis. Check their tutorial, it's easy to do!

Well ladies, it's time to put your stilletos on and a little black dress.... And put that marvelous makeup to action!!!

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