Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Fathers day!!!!!

It happens once a year, and usually we make the most of it...This year we'll go all the way.
We'll make his favorite breakfast and give home home made presents and a special gift from all 4 of us! It's like Valentine, I just love it....I'm a craver for celebration and party....
Here is a short list of ideas that my kids and I will look into:
You can use the recipe I gave last time from Magnolia and write "Best Dad" or "Super Dad" or "Love", lots of cute things like that...

Customized t-shirt
We'll be stealing a white t-shirt from him..;I have special markers that don't go away in the wash. I'll make them do a drawing on it. We're still working on it at the moment, so I won't show it, it won't help.

This one is so easy. I take thick paper, they also do a drawing or write something on it. I take it to any copy shop so they can laminate it.

"Best Dad" Card
Just ler your kids' imagination do the job...

For those who don't have time or want something fun, I found these web sites. They suggest really cute and funny items...Some of them need to be personalized, so it might take a while... I have not tested them, but it looks great! I just want to buy everything......

Well, I hope that dads will be celebrated all over, they sure deserve it...My husband definitely deserves it, he is such an amazing dad.....I hope you'll have fun, I know we will.

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