Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's time for a nice garden party!!!

My son's birthday falls on the middle of the summer. As I enjoy having guest over I thought it would be nice to invite some friends and have a nice lunch. As I don't want to spend the entire day in the kitchen to get everything ready, I've found a couple of easy cooking ideas.

Pasta salad
This is can have lots of variations. I usually prepare it with sweet corn, sliced carrots, pieces of ham or chicken and avocado. I add olive oil salt and pepper and ready to eat.

Softy sandwiches
I prepare a few different ones. I take some nice soft bread and have some with ham and cheese, some with cheese and tomatoes, some with turkey and lettuce, some with crab salad, some with roastbeef, some with chicken salad... 

Chicken and vegetable wraps
I take some fajitas and prepare some cole slaw, plain carrot salad, sliced tomatoes or mixed salad. I put some of the salads in the middle of the wrap, add some chicken and roll it. 

Corn on a cobb

I just steam a couple of corns, usually everyone enjoys those.

Fairy bread
Buy some soft bread put some butter and colored sprinkles on slices. I ususaly cut the slices in heart shape, it looks good.

Lolly or Marshmallows on a stick
This will keep the kids busy!
I buy a variety of lolly and put them in bowls. Kids can put them on a stick...Can be done with marshmallows as well.

Fruits kebab
I cut some apples, peaches, grapes and strawberries and make a variety of kebabs, always a success!

Girly milkshake
I make some sort of berries smoothy of milkshake. Best to keep in the fridge until the last minute.

Crunchy popcorn
I make salty and sugary popcorn.

I prepare vanilla cupcakes ( I gave the recipe in one of my previous issue) and buy all the thing to decorate them. I decorate a few myself and I leave plenty plain so the kids can do it...

Once everything is ready, I set up a nice table outside and put everything on it....With a couple of flowers here and there. Some juices for the kids. Some grissini, baguette, pretzels and garlic bread will be good. Some prosciutto on a plate always looks delicious. Some veggies sticks with guacamole is also a good idea. If my husband is in the mood, I set him up at the barbecue....

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